2003 Snowbird Nationals UPDATE PAGE

Race Pictures Page 1 - Page 2 = there will be an all new website the next month but rather than delay the pictures we are adding them now.  Please enjoy!

Monday 02/10 -  We are done!  Race Rock party was a blast.  The last oval race was at 8pm.  We got some great pictures that will be up in the next few days so please check back.  All in all the race was a 9 out of a 10.  We are going to work on the oval ranking and try to give some better practice times for the oval racers.  On-road was perfect as we had many racers compliment the program and that there was enough practice.  We will be adding a 4th heat next year so that you can count on racers...  until then - see ya!

Here are the finals for the ON-ROAD racing - main results.  OVAL racing - main results

Saturday 02/08 -
Here are the current qualifying results:   oval  /  on-road.  I apologize for the lack of coverage but we are having racing around the clock!  Go to www.teamtrinity.com also for current updates as Ernie is here covering the race also.  The oval club race had over 240 entries - and we limited entries to one entry per driver.  WOW!  Racing went on into the morning.  Qualifying for on-road has been real good and clean.  Oval qualifying has been a little rough with half the races clean the other with wrecks.  This last round today is real critical for some.  We already have decided to go to four rounds for 2004 to give racers more of a chance.  Tech is tough finding some 'illegal' so the racing has been real fair for all.  Seems like the racers are more excited about the Winghouse girls than the racing today LOL.  The hotel has been turned into pit central with racers in all the rooms up and down the halls.  What a party! 

Wed 02/05 - On-Road Club Race standings - here.  We had a huge day with practice around the clock.  The timed practice sessions went perfect and on schedule down the minute - thanks to . Kenny getting everything going - he was the man announcing for 15 hours straight!  The on-road club race had over 160 people race it and was over just past 2am.  An early computer glitch cost us 30 mins which was scary.. but things went smooth with the start of the races.  Some awesome racing and crazy close racing... the WORLDS best for sure.  Video from the A-Heat touring mod - here.







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