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It's hard to believe the Monday news section started back in October and is over.  Next Monday at 7pm starts racer check-in and setting up of sponsor pits!  For the Sprint Car oval class, Tony Stewart is giving one of his helmets used in the Nascar Sprint Cup series, signed to the winner!  We have a few more openings!  Check out the sprint car flyer and get signed up to win this 'chance-of-a-lifetime' prize.  Check back in a couple days as we will have the racer confirmation letter on-line for you to view and print.  It has some additional race information and class rules for you to have.  Race news will be updated possibly every day until we leave this Friday.  Check back often!
 -   Check-in begins next Monday in the pre-function area of the conference center.  No one allowed to enter ballroom area Sunday or Monday.
 -   Jack the Gripper tire traction only allowed.  You get a bottle with your entry.  1 bottle per driver, no matter how many classes you are racing.  We will have extras for sale for $5.00.
 -   Drivers that are pitting in your rooms:  we can not supply tables.  Rooms have a table which may be enough. 
 -   Drivers pitting in the RSVP area of the conference center:  You get to pit on a 3' x 30" table (2 racers per 6' table).  Please bring a power strip and small cord.  We will not have extras.  Chairs are supplied.  You may want to bring some cheap shelving for more room.  You must keep floors clean as you are pitting on carpet.  There may be some openings for pit areas so please see at check-in.  Right now this area is full.  Price for these reserved pits is $20 and is payable at check-in.
 -   There will be an updated entry tonight by 9pm.  There will also be a racing schedule with updated times based on current entries.
 -   Tire truing has to be controlled.  No tire truing in rooms or on hotel carpet/tile.  We are working on an area to true tires.  Newer truers make less of a mess, please bring boxes.

Mears is the official transportation Company for the airport. They run shuttles and taxis 24/7 - shuttle is approx $30.00 round trip per person, taxi is about $50.00 one way, but can carry up to 4 people.  Adriatic Transportation works out of the hotel and has Limos and Town cars and has very competitive prices. or 407-973-4100 Mario.

Check out this cool coverage from last year's winner.  It may be hard to read but it's great to see some International coverage.  Entries have been updated and it is amazing that road and oval has the exact number of entries.  Current openings are listed.  This is the final countdown.  We are ordering awards off this so once we fill, that's it!   Check out these two great links showing new 'HOT ROD HOTEL' location and what is around us:
Kissimmee 192 #1
  /   Kissimmee 192 #2  (check out the real interactive map for each marker on 192 - the Radisson is marker #5)

-   We are happy to announce that for this year's Snowbirds we are using the new CRC Racing
Clik-Trak system for the road course.  The new track material is great as it has nice smooth arches, is professionally constructed, is very racecar friendly, builds quick and easy, and provides a great looking track.  Our club used it last weekend for the first time and the overall response from our crew and racers was tremendously positive.  Thanks to CRC for working with us.
   -  John at FastCats has an awesome practice timer that has been used at some big events that racers love.  He is going to be a part of the Snowbirds and bring this down for the race.  Racers get a barcode to place on their radio and when they walk up to the machine all you do is scan it, and you will be given the option to print your laps, your best laps, and more!  This is really going to make practice even better as racers won't be searching through piles of paper and times to find their laps.  Thank you so much John and FastCats! 
   -  The Radisson has blocked a record number of rooms for the Snowbirds.  We went way over ours and theirs expectations.  This is a great sign the race will be another huge event, and that the 'Hot Rod Hotel' will be a happening place full of racers.  The great news is they have extended our room block and waived the cutoff date.  This means if you have not made a reservation, you still can get in at the great Snowbird price.  Don't pay the $120+ night price found online.
   -  Handout motor prices will be $15 for your 1st motor and $30 for additional motors.  You can purchase up to two additional handout motors.  Handout touring rubber tires will be $30.  We will have a limit of three sets of tires you can purchase for racing.  Racers can buy unmarked tires to practice with.  You can not swap tires between classes (if running stock and outlaw).  Entry did not include handout motor/tires.  Motors and tires will be available at check-in.  (2nd/3rd motor and tire prices same as 2007)
   -  XTreme RC Cars is again stepping up with race coverage and prizes for the event.  This race will feature a chance to be a 'centerfold' by winning 'Xtreme's 10 Minutes of Fame'.  One lucky winner in the raffle will be given a small section in the magazine to talk about their race and the race weekend, and have a picture in the magazine!  This will be fun for sure.  Thanks Derek!
Other items needing to be addressed for the race:
   -  We can not have anyone enter the ballroom / racetrack area Sunday or Monday.  In the past we allowed racers to come by and see us while we set everything up.  This year our setup is shorter and we are on a very tight schedule.  Plus the hotels contract with groups do not allow non-Radisson employees or non-group staff members in the setup area.  Thank you for understanding and your cooperation. 
   -  Drivers that have reserved a pit area can pay for their spot at check-in.  We will have two racers per table, and each table is 6' x 30".  This is plenty of space.  You may want to bring some storage towers, etc. if you want more room.  Please bring a small cord and 6-way.  Some tables are already RSVP'ed, and some will be first come-first served.  At this time we don't have any more openings.  If we do have any, we will know at the race.  A few months ago we had a note on our front page about this and several confirmed they wanted a table.  So if you missed this, we are sorry.
   -  We have about 15 racers confirmed they need trailer parking for pitting.  This area is going to be roped off and will be first-come first-served.  Generators are ok.  No power is available from hotel.  We will broadcast on 2-way FRS radios so you can hear the race action.  If you need a spot please e-mail.
   -  Entries are really starting to come in.  We are going to post class openings this week.  If you want to get in a class, do it now on-line.  This guarantees you a spot (not e-mailing us)
   -  Here is a general update on timing and how things will work:  Check-in begins Monday night in the pre-function area of the ballroom.  It also will be available throughout the week in the tech area.  Tuesday is practice.  Wednesday is practice.  We have some open times both days.  Drivers meeting is Wednesday at 3:30pm.  We have four heats of qualifying with a resort after each race.  Drivers are not ranked and the first heat is not sorted.  We set the field randomly.  The top 9 cars are locked into the A-main after four rounds.  B-mains are raced on Saturday and the winner advances into the A-mains which are run on Sunday.  Saturday night we are working on a poolside tiki party and will be handing out TQ awards, bump-n-run awards, b-main screwed awards, and maybe more.  The D-mains and lower are run first on Sunday.  Then we race a A-main, C-main, A-main, C-main, etc.
   -  The 'FREE' SK and F1 expo races will be 4cell stock foams.  We will work on a short practice session Wednesday for these cars.  Fields are already set with drivers (8 SKs and 10 F1s).  The 'Alpha Cup' F1 cars will be the last class to race in road.  The SK cars will be the first class to race in oval.  Both will race all the heats and main.  We have awards sponsored for the top three in both.  We are excited to bring these new cars to the 'birds and allow them to race and showcase what they are all about.

World famous videographer Ray Wood has confirmed he will be coming from Australia to cover the upcoming Snowbirds!  As the creator of the official IFMAR event DVD's, Ray Wood RC Videos are known as some of the best videos for RC Racing and has covered some of the most prestigious and largest events around the world, dating back to the 2001 World's in Sydney Australia.  His reputation in the industry is bar none.  Please see some of his video samples here.  Ray is very excited to be coming to the 'birds as he is a long time carpet 12th scale racer, and is a big fan of oval racing as he raced at Whippoorwill back in 1989 and was good friends with Bob Hosch.  Expect a killer event DVD of the Snowbirds with racing, interviews, action and more!  With Ray's worldwide distribution base, Snowbirds coverage will be fantastic and giving the recognition racers and sponsors deserve.  Sunday we have the famous playmates returning once again, Jessica and Hollie, and many are excited about this.  They wanted to know which outfit to bring this year for victory lane celebration and pictures on Sunday.  Please help them decide.  You can vote on what you would like to see them in here.  Radisson is almost full!  Don't wait on making your hotel reservations.  Our room block expires Wednesday.  You will have to pay 120+ a night if you miss the Snowbird special rate.
Ray Wood RC Racing Videos Preview #1 Preview #2 Preview #3

The 14th annnual 2008 Snowbirds are just a few weeks away! Are you ready!!! We are...  The trend the past few years has been more and more entries coming in after the holidays. And this year is no exception, as the past few days we have had several come in. The race is close to 400 paid and that is way over halfway. Right now 31 states are represented and 8 countries! Great representation so far from around the World! Several sponsors are sending their drivers in this week and that will fill out the race fast! Once we hit 600 then classes will be filled and closed. But the good news is you have time. There are openings in each and every class. You can sign up on-line and pay on-line.  Advertisement for this year's race began way back in April when we started to announce a brand new home for the 'birds. The Radisson Resort is everything you could ask for a Florida hotel, with an awesome tropical theme and rated one of the best in the area. The new 'Hot Rod Hotel' is right next to Disney, all the major theme parks, and all the hot Florida tourist spots. Many have hoped we would move the event to a 'nicer' hotel and we are so excited about the new beginning at the Radisson. This year you will not be disappointed! The best news is we were able to keep the rate low, as it comes out to even less than the last year couple years at the old place. You have another week to make those reservations at the low Snowbird rate. Call now! Info is on our site. Here is a cool video showing the hotel: here.  Most importantly, we have had unbelievable support from our sponsors for this years event. We know you have heard it before, but without them, the Snowbirds could not happen. Thank you to each and every one of you. Please support the companies that support the Snowbirds and RC racing! A special thanks goes out to Team Trinity once again for the continued sponsorship of the 'birds. We look forward to their brand new race team and will be welcoming Ernie who is coming down for the week. A bigger better Manufacture's row this year is going to be great for companies to showcase products, their teams and more. One thing that can not be denied, the Snowbirds is all about racing. If you are a racer then this race is for you!!! A fair and even track, that is totally built from the ground up just for this race, provides no local favorites or advantages. No matter what variables are presented, they are the same for everyone, and racers have to adapt and adjust. It is what racing is all about. It is what racers live for! The ultimate week of competition and racing is found at the Snowbirds. And with half the program road, the other half oval, there is action around the clock. A wild and fun experience. Got racing? We do sometimes 24 hours a day! Here are some of the exciting things happening this year. The 'Bump N Run' Saturday program returns, with winners of the B-main getting to move into the A-main. Talk about an exciting Saturday of racing last year! We are bringing back the 'BQ Screw' award to the 10th place qualifier that has to race to get into the A. These were a big hit last year. New for 2008 is an award that will be given to the top oval racer and top road racer, called the 'The Snowbird Cup Champion'. Racers overall results will be figured in two of the fastest classes: 10.5 and Mod for oval, and 12th Mod and Touring Mod for road. Already a bunch of racers competing in this, all racing for a awesome Cup trophy we will be giving each year! A-main winners will be awarded a 'one-of-a-kind' and totally awesome crystal acrylic trophy (there is a sneak peek on the news page). New for 2008, we are doing three resorts, one after each round, with four rounds of racing. Once again, heats are going to be setup totally random. This is the best way to keep things as even and fair as possible. Racers have to race their way to the A. If you make the A - you definitely earned it! The Snowbird TRC Racing Crew is returning, with Dave Fox, Sam Ledford, Jim Smith and Dave Butts on the road side, and Ken Holmes, Paul Schaub, John Moukie on the oval side, with big help from Gene Crane, Bill Spicer, Mike Bean, Curt Sanderson, Mel McCoy, and more! These guys rock, as they love RC racing, and really have a great time providing a great atmosphere for you to race at. The track building crew with Tom and Steve Pedano, Troy Meridith, and Kip Ellerbusch do awesome each and every year.  The new hotel layout is amazing for the race. The ballroom is huge, with tall ceilings, great lighting, and more room than ever - and is very spectator friendly. The parking lot has plenty of space for trailers, and we have already reserved parking for over a dozen trailers signed up. Just e-mail us to get on the list. For the racers that pit in their hotel rooms, we have a killer hotel network ready to go with results, a webcam, standings, and audio, all on your TV screen. And the hotel has FREE internet which is a great perk - so bring your laptops. We also will have the FRS radios working so you can hear the action walking around and in your trailers. Don't forget, Saturday night we are planning a big Tiki Pool party, with a DJ and more. We want to have some fun, awarding TQ's, bump-n-run winners, etc. And the sports bar at the hotel is 1st class and will be having a killer Super Bowl party Sunday night, which will be after the races are over. What a better place to enjoy the game and be able to walk back to your room. And who can miss the 2008 Miss Snowbird's for Sunday... What a fun day of awards and more it will be. Make sure to bring a camera.  Xtreme RC Cars is a big sponsor of the 'birds and they will be having great race coverage once again. We hope you saw our ad that was ran for a couple months in there for the Snowbirds! Xtreme will also be running a special feature on this year's Snowbird Cup Champions for road and oval, something new for 2008. Thanks Xtreme. We also just got confirmation from Car Action and RC Driver that they are coming to the 'birds to cover all the racing action. Thanks everyone. Another big addition to this year's event is a major cross promotion we are doing with MACS Automotive and their convention being held next door at Disney. They are sponsoring the 'birds, have run ads on our race, and are handing out flyers to thousands of their attendees, so we expect more spectators than ever this year. Thursday we are sponsoring part of their welcome party and setting up a hands-on demo track with video and more from the Snowbirds, and will be showcasing RC cars to the public. We are excited to be able to be working outside of RC to expand the public's awareness of our hobby/sport. As always we are having a live webcam with results on-line. Last year we had over 4500+ verifiable unique visitors tuning in from around the world. This is going to be fantastic to help give our race sponsors and racers the recognition they deserve. For road classes this year we have the all new Outlaw Touring road with Lipo and brushless, already with a bunch of racers. This should be exciting and interesting to say the least. Also the addition of the 12th scale GTP 19 turn class is new and adding something to the show. For oval the brushless classes are showing huge numbers. Trucks are back with the addition of brushless and Lipo, and the Custom Works Sprints switched to 4cell brushless. Still a big class of 27T and 19T are coming in with 12th scales looking strong. We dropped 6cell mod so 4cell mod is the top dog class. Oval now has 8 classes along with the road classes.  New for 2008 are two demo classes. The SK Modifieds are racing on oval, and F1 Open Wheel cars are running on the road. Both are gaining interest across America and we are excited to showcase them to the R/C world. The greatest thing about these classes is we have full fields and sponsors , with killer awards. Fun Fun Fun!  Some more exciting news is coming soon we are excited to announce. But we have to save that for Mondays. We hope everyone is excited as we are about the 14th annual Snowbirds. The new location, fantastic sponsor support, huge racer following, fantastic race coverage, and unbelievable competition, are all major reasons racers have helped make the Snowbirds one of the biggest and most premier races in the World. CYA here in a few weeks!

Not a lot of news today, as the holidays are here.  All of us from Thunder Racing want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.  There will be a new entry update this week.  We might be past 300 paid already, with only about 10 percent of the team entries in I can count.  It is looking like a sellout year once again!  As it is every year, entries really roll in after the New Year, when the holidays are over and racers start thinking about racing and the Snowbirds.  This is why we work hard with the hotel to extend our hotel room block until after the 1st.  You have until January 7th to make those hotel reservations at the special Snowbird rate.  After that, the rates go up to over 120 a night at least...  So make those reservations. Remember you get a 10 percent discount if you stay five or more nights.  Everything for the race is coming together great.  We have a big meeting at the hotel this week and are going over some last minute details.  Handout motor and tire prices will be announced soon after the 1st.  The SK oval and F1 road demo classes have filled, and those rules will also be out soon after the 1st.  We will have a racer letter on-line going over some of the race details as we have done in the past.  These will be the basics to help plan your race week.  Look for the new racer list up this week (several more from overseas and some new states!).  Have a great holiday everyone!

The first of many updates is now on-line with the current list of racers registered for the upcoming 2008 Snowbirds.  Right now 25 states are represented, showing a great support from all over the country, and quite a few from overseas already!  By the looks of things, we are on pace for a sellout once again, with well over 100 names already (not entries).  You can see the current list here and an interactive map compliments of HobbyTalk here.  If you have registered and don't see your name please let us know via e-mail.  There are still several names awaiting final confirmation from Paypal, so don't worry too much if you think you are supposed to be on the list.  This update is through last week, and so if you submitted any entries the past few days you will be on the next update.  We will try and have an update every 4-5 days.

The handout spec tire for the touring stock class and touring outlaw class are going to be JACO GREEN's for 2008.  Racers will be able to purchase them at check-in and they will be available at a great price (to be announced later).  Tires will be teched for racing, and racers will have a limit on the number they can purchase for racing.  The Sprint Car class rules are now posted, and the race flyer is here.  The Custom Works GBX cars will once again be wingless and be given a pair of spec tires with their entry, and this year they will be racing 4cells and 10.5 Novak brushless systems.  This change is going to make the cars slightly faster, but handle better with the lighter weight (last year they ran 6cell stock).  Tony Stewart has confirmed he will once again be handing out a killer award for 2008's class.  Last year he gave away a custom painted racing helmet.  Novak is also helping this class by offering a limited amount of loaner systems to racers that do not yet have a brushless setup, but would like to still compete in the class.  Thanks Novak!  E-mail for more info.  The F1 expo race is looking to be great, with racers from CRC, Corally, and more.  A title sponsor has emerged, and the expo race is now officially called the F1 'ALPHA CUP'.  The winner will be given a certificate to the Skip Barber driving school, and other awards for the race will be given out.  Thanks AW.  With the open wheel sprint cars, open wheel SK cars, and open wheel F1 cars, there should be plenty of exciting action to watch on the track!  Wheel to wheel and door to door, it doesn't get much better!  Entries are close to 200 now PAID.  Several racers have submitted them on-line without payment yet, so we are not counting those yet.  Entry list should be on-line next week.  I know everyone is excited to see that!

The preliminary sample of our new Snowbird 1st place trophy is here.  It looks great!  They are totally custom designed, and are equipped with logos and even some Florida flair.  These will look great displayed in your trophy case, or anywhere else!  Starting in 2008, we are awarding two 'Snowbird Cup Champions', one in oval and one in road!  This coveted title will be for oval drivers competing in 10.5 and modified, and to road drivers competing in touring modified and 12th modified.  Racers results in their two classes will be used.  Xtreme RC Cars magazine is going to help promote the 2008 'Snowbird Cup Champion' by featuring them and their cars in the magazine, giving extra press and recognition to the winning racer and their sponsors!  Thanks a ton Xtreme - this is going to be great!

Tomorrow we begin taking entries for the 'birds.  Spread the word!  Entry form will be on-line at 8pm Tuesday.  We will be accepting paypal on-line so you can sign up right over the Internet.  If you need information on how to use paypal, click here.  You will also be able to print an entry and mail it in.  Entry prices are a flat $80.00 this year.  This is the same price as non-handout entries last year!  You will have to purchase your spec motors (for stock/19T) and spec touring rubber tires (for road rubber classes) at the event, which helps save you upfront money this year (entries for handout motor classes are always increased to allow handout motor costs).   Handout motors and tires are going to be very fair and prices will be on-line soon.  We are going to try and allow racers to purchase these on-line ahead of time also.  All entries get a free bottle of Jack the Gripper, and other free stuff this year!  This past weekend, we had a carpet race for on-road and oval at Minnreg in Florida, and for the first time this year the race used handout Jack the Gripper, like we are for this year's Snowbirds.  Track records and fast laps were broken in most every class, and the exact same layouts and sizes were used as the last three races at Minnreg.  Our last race there was in August, so the carpet was dry and this weekend was a great test.  Tons of traction, more than expected, was found by racers.  We even had some roll-overs.  So the rumors of lack of traction with Gripper hopefully will be gone and we are going to have a great race and great race track this year at the Snowbirds!  Here are the times from this weekend's road and oval, along with the last two races there, which allowed all traction:  road and oval,  road and oval.  You can see the lap times were the same or even better in some classes. 

The classes for 2008 are now listed, and a few rules are announced.  This year's race will be 'Jack the Gripper' only for tire traction, and you will get a free bottle with your entry.  We also will be crowning the 'Snowbird Cup Champion' starting this year, where a racers overall results from two classes are combined.  This will be between 10.5 and 4-cell Modified in oval, and 12th Modified and Touring Modified in road.  We also will have an exciting expo race for the SK open wheel cars and F1 Indy cars also, to add to the show.  There are a few other changes to the class lineup, and you can see all the classes here.  Entry goes on-line next Tuesday at 8pm Eastern.  You will be able to pay on-line and register on-line. 

The motors for the 27T and 19T hand out classes are announced.  For oval and road stock classes, the CO27.  For road 19 turn, the Komodo Dragon Hemi.  For oval 19 turn, the Ultrabird.  You must purchase the spec handout motor from us for the event.  New for 2008, we will allow you to purchase your handout spec motor at registration/check-in.  This allows us to set the initial entry fee lower and spare some early expense with your race entries, rather than having a higher stock entry and 19 turn entry which in the past included the price of the motor.  Prices will be announced before event.  Watch our site as we are working on allowing you to purchase ahead of time via paypal.  Classes will be announced next week.  New for 2008, all racers will be receiving a FREE 2008 RC Racing wall calendar from Monster RC USA.  We sponsored the month of February and Miss Snowbird Jessica Barton is the girl of the month.

The complete race schedule with news and notes is now on-line.  New for 2008:  We are going to have three resorts, one after each round.  This should make the racing better and provide closer competition, while keeping things equal.  We are bringing back 'Bump N Run' Saturday and are planning our 1st annual Snowbird Tiki Party Saturday night poolside, hosted by the Radisson.  A great way to end the last qualifier and B-main bumps on Saturday.  More info on all of this on the schedule page.  Last year we had the most positive response to date with the schedule, and even though we debated on flip-flopping the road and oval program, we decided to keep things almost exactly the same for 2008.  With the new venue, there will be enough change to the race this year and we want to keep things familiar to prior years.  Also new is our sponsor page with logos and links.  Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting the 14th annual Snowbirds.  Without their support, we could not put this race on.  See them all here in 2008 with their products and drivers!

So far, we have had a lot of Snowbird hotel news for the upcoming 2008 race.  But after the last seven years on I-Drive, and many unpleasant experiences for racers and families, it is important to share news on our new race hotel and get everyone excited about their vacation here in Florida.  You deserve a great race experience!  This past week, I took a trip to the hotel and had a great meeting.  They showed me their TV system and we developed a way to setup our live broadcast in the rooms and throughout the hotel.  For the racers that want to work in their rooms, you can now tune into your TV and watch and hear the racing action.  This is one the great experiences of the 'birds, being setup in the comforts of your hotel room with friends and family.  I also confirmed the hotel has free wireless internet throughout the hotel.  This is awesome.  Some hotels charge crazy amounts, so we are pleased the Radisson offers you this for free.  Now you can chill by the pool, bar, restaurant, lobby or your room and surf the net!  Plus they have a business center with computers you can use.  And luckily I was there at night and saw their awesome tropical setting they have.  I was blown away how cool this was.  You can see the video here.  Some new news hopefully will be coming up soon about live music going on at the race during Snowbird Speed Week.  And one last piece of news is the hotel does allow pets.  Call hotel for details.  This might save kennel charges for some of you!  We will be going more into race classes and the race schedule in the next few weeks.  The race is just three months away!  Make those reservations for the hotel.  Last I heard was over half our block was gone and going fast.  Tue-Wed is practice, and Thu-Sun is racing.

In keeping up with tradition, we launched a new race site for the upcoming 2008 Snowbird Nationals.  The countdown is on, and before you know it the 'birds will be here.  Please check out the new Race Location page and Race History pages above.  You can see prior Snowbird websites, and get a feel on the different styles and looks we have had here: 
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007