You do not have to have a web built to receive services from MB Web.

-Single Creations
-Banner Ads
-Custom Graphics
-Logo Design
-Much More

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It is not very difficult to get a website online for the World to see.  I can help in every step of the way.  Just drop me an E-mail and we can get started.  I will answer any questions you may have!  E-mail Mike.


-Main page (like this page here)
-Custom designed header
-Up to 4 custom graphics
-Up to 2 linking rollovers
-Up to 4 pictures w/ thumbnails
-1 animated gif
-1 javascript addition
-Scan / Add your logo's to site
-Type your content on the page
-Add e-mail links
-Web counter

This would be a site where you advertise your company and want to add anything from contact information, product descriptions, some text for the readers to see.  If you want to just have a simple page with a small amount of data then this is for you!

        standard cost:  
may be more/less depending on
  each site based on $25 hour



 The Basic package plus:
-Up to 3 More pages (plus main page)
-Up to 8 custom graphics
-Up to 5 linking rollovers
-Up to 16 pictures w/ thumbnails
-Up to 3 animated gifs
-Up to 3 javascript additions
-1 music / sound addition
-Graphic compression:  fast load times
-Add keywords for search engine
-Simplify navigation for all pages

This is a little more informative site with more than one page.  If you want to add a catalog, a product description page, etc. this is for you.  You supply the information for the pages and any company literature, logo's, etc. and I can go from there.

          standard cost:  
may be more/less depending on
   each site based on $25 hour




 The Moderate package plus:
-Up to 6 More pages (plus main page)
-Up to 6 small pop-up window pages
-Up to 16 custom graphics
-Up to 8 linking rollovers
-Flash introduction
-Up tp 6 animated gifs
-Up to 6 javascript additions
-Up to 4 music / sound additions
-Feedback form or Discussion Board

This is for a complex website that needs specialized and personal attention to make the best site possible.  I can help maintain the site and keep it fresh each month with new content, graphics, more.

          standard cost:   $1500.00
may be more/less depending on
     each site based on $25 hour