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     Snowbird Nationals 2002
On-Road:  Josh Cyrul TQ's
On-Road:  Single car start
Oval:  Modified start - Cyrul vs. Burkhart
Oval:  King, Honeycutt, Cyrul, Burkhart
Oval:  Burkhart wins the 'A-Main' crashing
On-Road:  Paul Lemieux winning Pro Mod
Oval:  6cell Modified start
Oval:  6cell Modified real close racing action
Oval:  Cyrul, Cochran, Silva, Polimeda -draft
Oval:  Close Modified racing
 Modified race with Cochran leading
Oval:  Frank Polimeda in the catch fence -
Oval:  Frank Polimeda winning $500.00
On-Road:  Touring Stock - Scotty Earnst
On-Road: Close Touring Modified racing
On-Road:  Start of Pro Modified Touring race
On-Road:  Cyrul vs. Lemieux
On-Road:  Real close Modified racing
On-Road:  Cyrul racing - Fox announcing
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     Snowbird Nationals 2001
Snowbird 2001 #1 - On-road at it's best
Snowbird 2001 #2 - Awesome on-road race
Snowbird 2001 #3 - start of a Pro Mod oval
Snowbird 2001 #4 -  Pro Mod oval (close)
Snowbird 2001 #5 - 6cell stock oval racing
Snowbird 2001 #6 - The crowd goes wild
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     RCTV Snowbird Nationals Coverage
RCTV Intro - Intro from Jeff (the host)
Drivers Racing - Cyrul, Dosek, and others
Sponsor Pits - View of Manufacture's Row
On-road Racing - Awesome On-road racing
On-road Racing - Great road racing
RCTV Interview 1 - Paul Lemieux (portion)
RCTV Interview 2 - Mike Boylan (portion)
RCTV Interview 3 - Barry Baker (portion)
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