You can purchase this episode (#307) from  RCTV's website -  It has a bunch of interviews - race footage - plus MUCH more!  We want to thank Jeff and the RCTV staff for an excellent video and great episode.  Their TV show is truly a great asset to this hobby.  There are a videos below you can view that were taken from my TV so the picture is a not perfect.  There are also some pictures below. 


Some videos from the Snowbird episode (click to view)

RCTV Intro - Intro from Jeff (the host) on the Snowbird Nationals
Sponsor Pits - View of Manufacture's Row
RCTV Interview 2 - Mike Boylan (portion)

Some pictures from the episode  (click to enlarge)

rctvpits.jpg (37775 bytes) rctvmap.jpg (38416 bytes) MVC-003S.JPG (69636 bytes)

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