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Track Addresses:
 MTR Raceway

3675 53rd Ave East
Bradenton, FL  34203

 Minnreg R/C Club
6340 126th Ave
Largo, FL  33773

Florida Tropical Weather

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Nascar Drivers Race:
Several Nascar drivers race r/c cars.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been to several oval races and Tony Stewart races and owns Custom Works.   Todd Bodine, Carl Edwards, and Tony Stewart have all been to the Snowbirds!





Tony Stewart Nascar racer racing R/C cars

Pictures from Minnreg

Print cool roll-outs for each spur gear you use:
Roll-Out Program

2011/2012 Tour rules:

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Cool Videos:

      Saturday nights (2nd and 4th Saturday)
      We will be consistent after Snowbirds
      Schedule posted soon
      January 14th-15th, 2011 (oval Sat/road Sun)
      1st race of Florida State Sunshine Tour Series
      January 31st-February 5th, 2012
      2nd race of Florida State Sunshine Tour Series
      March 30th - April 1st, 2012
Snowbird Nationals - 01/31-02/05
      Speedway Spectacular - 03/30-04/01
      Jacksonville 'Monster Mile' - date TBA
      Plant City 'Indoor Carpet' - date TBA
      MTR Raceway Park - date TBA
      Strickland R/C Park - date TBA
      Minnreg Turkey Shoot (Banquet) - 11/23-11/24


Past R/C Car Races with Pics and More:
'11 Speedway Spec - Daytona 03/11 - go
 '10 Souther Oval Champs - Largo 08/10  - go
-  '10 Spring Shootout - Largo 06/10  - go
-  '09 Summer Shootout - Largo 07/09  - go
-  '09 Spring Cup - Bradenton 05/09  - go 
'09 Speedway Spec - Daytona 03/09 - go
-  '09 Snowbirds - Orlando 2009 - go 
'08 FCC page - Largo 11/08 - go 
FCC Turkey Shoot - Largo 11/08 - go 
ROAR Paved Oval - South Carolina 08/08 - go
FCC Florida Carpet Cup #2 - Largo 05/08 - go 
ROAR Oval Nats - Minnreg 05/08 - go 
-  '08 Speedway Spec - Daytona 03/08 - go 
-  '08 Snowbirds - Orlando 2008 - go 
-  FCC Florida Carpet Cup #4 - Largo 11/07 - go 
 FCC Florida Carpet Cup #3 - Largo 08/07 - go
-  MTR's Dog Day Summer - Bradenton 08/07 - go
 Mike with Braun Racing - Daytona 07/07 - go
-  FCC Florida Carpet Cup #2 - Largo 06/07 - go
-  '07 Speedway Spec - Daytona 03/07 - go
-  '07 Snowbirds - Orlando 02/07 - go
 R/C Racing Videos and history - go
-  Dirt Oval on radio - VA - 12/06 - go go go go
-  Boylan on the radio LIVE 12/06 - go
-  Fall Carpet Shootout - Largo 11/06 - go
-  Oval Masters - Tennessee 11/06 - go
-  Summer Carpet Shootout - Largo 08/06 - go
-  8th Race Rock Champs - Orlando 06/06 - go
-  Mike's Back in the Day Video - go
-  '06 Focar MTR Race - Bradenton 04/06 - go
-  '06 Speedway Spec. - Daytona 03/06 - go
-  '06 Snowbirds - Orlando 02/06 - go
Summer Carpet Shootout - Largo - 01/06 - go
Me and Tony Stewart 11/05 - go
-  Summer Dirt Nationals - Ocala - 08/05 - go
-  Focar MTR Race - Bradenton - 08/05 - go
-  Dirt Oval EDM Race - Tampa - 07/05 - go
-  In the Pits at Daytona Speedway - 07/05 - go
-  7th Race Rock Champs - Orlando 06/05 - go
Racing at the 'Monster Mile' - Jax 05/05 - go
Strickland Oval Race - Daytona 04/05 - go
-  '05 Speedway Spec. - Daytona 03/05 - go
-  '05 Snowbirds - Orlando 02/05 - go
-  6th Race Rock Champs - Orlando 11/04 - go
-  Focar Race #2 - Minnreg 06/04 - go
-  5th Race Rock Champs - Orlando 05/04 - go
-  FOCAR Race #1 - Orlando 04/04 - go
-  '04 Speedway Spec. - Daytona 03/04 - go
-  '04 Snowbirds - Orlando 02/04 - go
-  Minnreg Turkey Shoot - FL 11/03 - go
-  U.S. Oval Open Wheel Champs - VA 11/03 - go
-  4th Race Rock Champs - Orlando 11/03 - go
-  3rd Race Rock Champs - Orlando 07/03 - go
-  Kimbrough 400 - Las Vegas 06/03 - go
-  '03 Speedway Spec. - Day tona 03/03 - go
-  '03 Snowbirds - Orlando - 02/03 - go
-  Minnreg Turkey Shoot - FL 11/02 - go
-  Hobby Expo Race - Palmetto 09/02 - go
-  2nd Race Rock Champs - Orlando 7/02 - go
-  Southern Champs - Sarasota 05/02 - go
-  '02 Speedway Spec. - Daytona 03/02 - go
-  '02 Snowbirds - Orlando 02/02 - go
-  Superior Oval Race - Orlando 11/01 - go
-  1st Race Rock Champs - Orlando 09/01 - go
-  Norrca Nats - Tennessee 08/01 - go
-  Oval Master's Cup - Alabama 05/01 - go
-  '01 Speedway Spec. - Daytona 03/01 - go
-  RCTV's coverage of 'Birds 02/01 - go
-  '01 Snowbirds - Orlando 02/01 - go
-  Indy Snowbird warmups - Indy 11/00 - go

Thunder R/C Car Racing Info:
Thunder Racing puts on radio control car races across the state of Florida.  We currently hold racing  at Marble Park in Manatee County, FL.  The track is for oval electric radio control R/C pan cars.  Thunder also holds indoor carpet races in Largo at the Minnreg building a few times a year and over Thanksgiving weekend.  And once a year, Thunder hosts the largest event in the world for R/C car racing, the Snowbird Nationals in Orlando.  We also have held several  R/C events in Orlando at the world famous Race Rock restaurant.  Back in the '90s we had an indoor track in Tampa that was high banked.  We also have held races at University Parkway at Hobbie Warehouse in Bradenton, at Franks Trains and Hobbies in Oldsmar, and at GT Bray Park in Bradenton.  R/C car racing is a wonderful and exciting hobby for all ages.  If you are racecar fan you will enjoy the thrills of this rewarding hobby.  Whether you like the friendships of fellow racers, the mechanical aspect of working on the cars, the challenging problem solving nature of auto racing, R/C car racing is for you. 
Mike if you have any questions.

Open Wheel Champs:
Here are clips from the race I was at in VA with Tony Stewart.  23,000 people tuned into Racetalklive.com broadcast of the RC race!
Tony Stewart talks about RC
Sprint B-Main,  Mike Calls Late Model
Late Model RaceMikes electric,
Mikes Nitro Interview After

Thanks to David Croy from RCResults.com for all the great results and live racing information we use.  Racers can see lap times, practice, pie charts, standings, and more.


TOUR Southern Regional Race Saturday
Florida State On-Road Series Race Sunday


Cool video of Minnreg in case you never have been here. (no upstairs pitting)
Free pitting / tables / chairs!  Minnreg has great food both days (breakfast too).
You can sleep over at Minnreg (bring pillow/blankets).  They have showers. Minnreg will be opening the kitchen Friday night for us!
6340 126th Ave.
Largo, FL 33773 
Days Inn St. Petersburg/Clearwater
3910 Ulmerton Road
Clearwater, FL 33762
(727) 573-3334
OVAL practice Fri evening until 1am
OVAL doors open Saturday at 6am / racing starts at 10:30am
ROAD practice starts Saturday evening until 1am
ROAD doors open Sunday / racing starts at 10:30am

Oval Entry fees will be $30 1st class and $10 2nd class
We will be following TOUR rules for Oval.  TOUR oval rules
Sportsman Trucks
- 25C SMC 1S, World GT tires, 17.5, limited timing
Stock Car - 17.5, stock car 'Nationwide', Tour rules, open speedo
Stock Spec
- 13.5, stock car 'Sprint Cup', limited timing, Tour rules, BSR spec tire
Super Stock - 13.5, stock cars w/wings, Tour rules, open speedo
Pro Modified - any motor, 1S, stock cars w/wings, open speedo
Outlaw Trucks - 13.5, 1S, truck bodies with spoilers, open speedo
1/12th Super Stock - 13.5,  stock cars w/ wings, open speedo
Snowbird Legends - Legends rules here
Bean's Legends - 21.5, 1S, any tire
We will gladly run SKs and other Legend classes if enough cars!
Oval tech on Saturday with Paul Schaub.  All race motors must be pre-teched.
Motors will be checked for resistance, inductance, and tampering.  Motors will be marked and sealed for racing.  Battery voltage and temp will also be checked prior to racing.  Checking ride heights, weight, and body heights in appropriate classes.
Florida State Series Website
Touring Sportsman 17.5 - limited timing speedo, Solaris rubber tires
Touring Expert 17.5 - open speedo, Solaris rubber tires
Touring Modified - open speedo, Solaris rubber tires, any motor
World GT 13.5 - limited timing speedo, Any foam tire
FLRCGT - State Series rules
1/12th Scale 13.5 - open speedo
Outlaw Legends - Any motor / battery / foams
Snowbird Legends - Legends rules here  (we will run other Legend classes)
VTA - Standard USVTA rules USVTA website (this is a 2012 Snowbird Class)

 MTR 'Saturday Night Thunder'
Racing under the lights was a huge success!  Look for race dates soon!


 Bring a Friend racing to MTR promotion - RACE HALF PRICE!
Bill Floyd has announced a new program to help boost racers at MTR!  It is time to race - and time to get those racers out that have been absent for a while!  All you have to do is bring someone to the track that hasn't raced in 4 or more weeks and you race half off (only 7 bucks!)!  It can be a new racer or old racer!  We are working hard on a stock car body breakout class.  Pretty much any motor and battery can get you racing.  Just has to be a pan car with stock car body and spoiler.  We have a track and if you have the power - then come out and race!  Breakout racing is a blast where anyone can win and you can have some serious fun racing R/C cars with very little stress.  CYA at the races!

 Daytona Results and Pictures
What a weekend of racing at Daytona!  It doesn't get much better than this!  Check out the results and some pictures here.  Thanks to Jim Fuller for shooting some of these pics.  If anyone has some they would like to share please send to:  rcthunder@aol.com

We are very happy and excited to announce that Bill Floyd has become the newest  race director at MTR and will be setting up race events a few times a month for MTR!  With Kenny and I not able to commit to weekly events far in advance (due to our work and also my kids haha), this is great news for R/C racers and MTR!  One of the first things we want to do is set up a club and get the racers more involved with the weekly racing at MTR.
Look for race dates posted very soon for monthly racing.  And yes Bill will be using Kenny's special track sauce.  Bill has been around R/C racing for over 20 years and is a great ambassador for our hobby.  We should all be excited Bill has stepped up to keep racing alive on the weekends!  Gentlemen...less than five!

Minnreg Turkey Shoot oval results
Minnreg Turkey Shoot road results

Kyle Busch wins Nascar Trucks with Traxxas sponsorship
Check this out:  http://radiocontrolzone.com/showthread.php?t=260511

Snowbirds On RCRACING.TV

Carpet Racers the Movie:

Check out the new movie coming out on Carpet R/C Racing.  This is going to be a fantastic behind the scenes look at what we do.  It includes many local R/C drivers and Snowbird footage from the past few years.  Carpet Racers

The World's Fastest R/C Car:

Cool article in Popular Science magazine.  161 MPH!!!

MTR is Now an Official SHORT TRACK and Permanent
Come race MTR and have fun enjoying RC car action inside Manatee's Marble park.  Baseball, tennis, playground, restrooms, and more!  SEE YA HERE!

Watch this video in Xtreme HIGH DEFINITION

Ross Bartuccio's ROLLOUT and CHASSIS Program: 
Chassis Program Page    Roll-Out Chart

Thunder Archive:  Racing News Letter From 1996:
Thanks to Wolfee for digging an old Thunder Raceway newsletter out of his collection!  Hard to believe I wrote this 12 years ago, in July 1996.  This piece was really special for me to see again.  Lots of memories and lots of the same racers and issues we have today!  Please enjoy and read it when you can, and comment on Thunder Chat!

Dog Day of Summer Race Coverage Page Here

What a great success. Check the link above for video of the awesome A-main and B-main features, along with pictures, a great recap from Red Kevin, and more!   50 racers all in one class racing!  promo video

MTR in the Newspaper on 05/01/07:
Thanks to the Bradenton Herald and Scott Lockwood for a great article on MTR Raceway.  Pass this along to your friends here

MTR Raceway live VIDEOS:
Past MTR Videos:  #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  RCTVLive Intro with Mike and Jeff here

Boylan Live on the Radio 2006:
  Jan 31st show  Jan 24th show  Jan 17th show  -  more

Favorite Nascar Pictures and Video from Daytona/Talladega
See Emmy on Speed Channel during practice on our family video from Dega.
video / pics

Mike hung out with Braun Racing and helping during a pit stop on TV!


  Website by Mike Boylan.  E-Mail Mike for web info.  MB Web Here


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