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  Mike Boylan Julie Boylan Ken Holmes Bill Spicer Paul Schaub John Moukie Paul Patterson Mel McCoy Ron Messinese Sharon Messinese Sam Ledford Rich Baran
E-Mail rcthunder@
Place of Birth Bradenton, FL Minnesota Westfield, Mass Bronx, NY New York Athens, Greece South Bend, IN Daytona, FL Arlington, VA Appleton, WI Hamilton, OH Sarasota, FL
Date of Birth 10/17/73 10/07/71 00/00/00 07/01/52 09/23/58 12/20/57 09/28/55 12/08/51 01/15/51 03/12/57 08/11/55 01/22/67
Started in RC 1985 never! 1986 1994 1987 1994 1990 1993 2001  1992 1988
First RC Car Grasshopper notta! Hornet Associated 10LSO RC10 Trinity Evolution Bolink 10L Fiberglass 10L20  RC10T Bolink Sport
Fav Food Steak Chinese Food Seafood Lobster Italian Food Steak T-Bone Steak Fried Shrimp/Beer Prime Rib Pizza Stone crab claws Tunafish
Fav Sport/team D Earnhardt Jr. D Earnhardt Jr.  New York Yankees BUCS NFL Vikings Nascar - M Martin Dolphins/Nascar Nascar - T Labonte Nascar M&M's car BUCS Nascar - K Petty
Fav TV Show Survivor General Hospital C.S.I. Nascar Races Seinfeld Speedvision Nascar this Week   Friends Trading Spaces King of the Hill Seinfeld
Fav Movie Forrest Gump Wedding Planner  Godfather Tootsie Days of Thunder Days of Thunder  West Side Story Pretty Woman  Kingpin
Fav Car Corvette '69 Mustang Charger R/T Ford Mustang Corvette Lincoln LS Dodge Viper Chevy Truck Monte Carlo Monte Carlo Ford Cobra Aston Martin
Fav Music Southern Rock Ctry/Dixie Chicks  Lynyrd Skynyrd Everything Everything Old Rock Beatles/ Buffett Classic Rock/ Lil' Rascals New Age Meditation  RAP/B.I.G.
Married? Kids? YES / NO YES / NO 24 ys - 3 kids 18 yrs - 1 Girl No / 2 boys 14 yrs / 2 kids 28 yrs - 1 Boy 1 Girl 3 yrs - 1 Son 5 GC 13 yrs - 4 kids 13 yrs - 2 boys 2 girls 19 yrs - 2 Girls no - 1 boy
Occupation Entrepreneur Publix Manager Automation Eng. Truck Driver Auto Technician Videographer Firefighter/PM School Department Computer Technician Software Specialist Buyer Self
Favorite non-
RC hobby
Old cars Scrapbooking Watching movies Bowling  Racing online Autocross Traveling Computers Embroidery  Golf
Bush or Gore Bush Bush  Bush  Democrat Bush  Bush Bush Bush Bush
Hooters or
Winghouse Hooters Winghouse Winghouse Hooters Either! Winghouse  Hooters Hooters Hooters Hooters
Fav RC Track Whippoorwhil University All are Great Thunder Raceway Thunder Raceway All of them Thunder Raceway Sugarbowl/Capital City Where-ever! Thunder Racing Minnreg Sarasota
Best RC Racer? Joel Johnson Mike B of course  Frank Polimeda Joel Johnson Frank Polimeda Mike the Boss Boylan Rich Baran Ron Messinese  Doug Smith
Favorite part
of Snowbirds
Race Rock party Watching  races/ meeting people All the Drivers
and Friends
It's largest race
of the year
  Working my
ass off 24/7
People/the racers Meeting people and
seeing new RC stuff
Sleepless Nights Atmosphere   
Your vehicle Mustang Explorer Ford Sport Track 2002 Ford Truck Durango Ford Sport Track Ford Ranger 2002 Olds Bravada Toyota Tundra My Crazy Husbands  Silverado
Fav Restaurant Kobe's Steakhouse Red Lobster  Outback Macaroni Grill Just steak Longhorn Bostons Fish House Carrabas Carrabas  Carrabas
Fav Movie Star Tommy Lee Jones Matthew Maconahy  Michelle Phiefer  Sylvester Stallone  Linda Lovelace Demi Moore H Ford/ J Foster  Elizabeth Hurley
Favorite thing
about RC
Fun competition Gets Mike out of
the house
Long time friends
you meet
Getting together
with friends
Competition Working on
RC cars
Racers Beating Mike Bean Being able to help others The paint schemes  When racings
real close
What makes
you mad at races
Seeing racers get
mad / discouraged
When Schaub
beats Mike
The people
that whine
When I am
not fast
  No respect for
other drivers
People late to Tech Losing to Mike Bean Poor attitudes The heat  When Tin Man
is faster
What don't you
Like about RC
Racers that come
and go
I like it all Not enough of it The Politics  High Prices  Battery of the Month Nothing Lack of my Husband  Lawson
Best talent Reasoning RC Cheerleader  Determination  Loving my family Talking to People Patience Computers Organization  Performing well
under pressure