With RCRESULTS.COM, the racing results will be seen Worldwide, as they happen.  At the 2006 Snowbirds, there will be four fun ways to see how racers in each class compare to each other.  Not only do the Snowbird race results get posted, but all of these will:

  Open and Controlled Practice:

Tuesday through Thursday there will be practice, and racers times will be scored and ranked against other by classes, based on single best laps and average fast laps.
  Snowbird Club Races:

Racers will be scored and ranked from the results from the highly competitive and enjoyable club races:  A Snowbird Tradition!  Wednesday is On-Road, Thursday is Oval.
  Practice by Heats:

New for '06 will be a practice round based on heats, to be run on Thursday.  Racers will practice with racers in their actual Snowbird heat race and the results will be scored.
  The 2006 Snowbird Nationals:

All the heat races and mains will be posted as they happen with racers results, current standings, lap times, race graphs, and more. 

       NEW for 2006 is the SNOWBIRD TOP 10.  Top drivers from each class will pass on top of RCResults.com. SNOWBIRD Top Qualifiers:  (1)Frank Polimeda 3.5   (2)Jilles Groskamp 4.0  (3)Eugene Ryder 4.5  (4)Sean Cochran 5.0  (5)Jeff Cuffs 5.5  (6)Chris Tosolini 6.0  (7)Steve Peake 6.5  (8)Sonny Brown 7.0  (9)Barry Baker 7.5  (10)Mark Smyka 8.0  (11)Barry Hill 8.5  (12)Josh Cyul 9.0

We try to bring the best race possible and with the addition of RCResults.com it will help make the race even better.  Now racers can see how they stack up against other racers, and friends and family at home can track the results on-line as they happen.  Good luck at the races!