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RC Scoring Pro
Doug at RC Scoring Pro
is coming down from Wisconsin and will be providing detailed
print-outs of all practice sessions during the 'Birds. This will add to the excitement of the race and give the racers something extra!  Thanks!

Fun on I-Drive

The Ramada Resort, which is where the race is held, is on the World famous International Dr.  There are hundreds of things to do in walking distance of the hotel, including an awesome
go-cart track facility - go

The Girls are Coming
We will have special appearances throughout the race week by the Kissimmee WingHouse girls.  While in Orlando, check out the Winghouse.
Ramada Welcomes Us

We are very pleased that the Ramada has kept the $60.00 a night room rate for the Snowbird racers!  This helps save you a lot of money on your week-end.  As most of you know rooms can easily be as high as $80 a night, so staying here 5 days saves you $100!  Ramada has enjoyed us each year and they look forward to having us back for 2004.


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The 2004 Thunder Racing Crew
2004's race once again has a great staff with over 100 years of RC racing experience combined!  We have 6 dedicated tech officials (that are not racing) along with 2 professional announcers, plus some great people in the track crew and other areas that will be here to make sure the Snowbird's is another successful race for you!   Meet them here soon and see some of them below. 

A huge thanks to:  Jason Barnes, Mike Bean, Julie Boylan, Dave Fox,  Ken Holmes, Sam Ledford, Chuck Mann, Mel McCoy, John Moukie, Paul Patterson, Jim Smith, Paul Schaub, Bill Spicer. 
"You all make the race great for the racers - thanks!"

What's Made the 'Birds Big?
Over the past nine years the 'Birds has grown into the largest RC race in the World.  Looking back at the early years I try to stay focused on what has made the race grow and carry on a great tradition.  We try and be as 'loose' as possible to make the weekend enjoyable for everyone which includes racers, families, spectators, and sponsors.  The race is run by racers and we have simple and common sense rules.  The race began as a weekend to come race with friends from around the country and escape the winter to sunny Florida.  As the race has grown the task that lies ahead is to keep the race simple, free from controversy, and simply enjoyable.  You can count on all of us from Thunder to make sure you have a great time and a fair and competitive race here in Orlando.  And remember, hang loose and enjoy your race weekend at the 'Birds!  You the racer is the reason that the 'Birds has become so big - thank you!

'The Same For Everyone'

No matter what racing variables are faced, they are the same for all racers.  The Snowbird's is unique in that there are no local track champions and no one knows what to expect until the cars hit the track.  We have always felt one of the reason's that racers like to race the Snowbird's is that the race is equal, from the practice times, to the handout motor classes, no one has an unfair advantage.  Racers are as equal as possible!  'I am a racer and I want to go to a race feeling I have an equal chance as the next racer'.  We work hard to make Bird's fair for every racer.  This race is a true test of RC skill and endurance.

Snowbird's Website
The race lasts all year long On-Line, just as the racing lasts all night long!  Updates are frequent to the race site so please bookmark the 'Birds and check back often to see what is new.  This website is one example of how we try to bring you the best race possible.  Enjoy!

Live from the track
We are very busy trackside racing around the clock!  Pleas check out RCTECH and RCCA as they are here and doing a great job putting things on-line for the race.

A Big Thanks to RCTECH.NET
Check out the link above for live race results, pictures, talk and more!!!


Updated News and Information
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What You Can Expect at the 'Birds
We have a brand new racing surface each year with brand new carpet.  There are no local track champions because the Snowbirds come just once a year.  Everyone is faced with the same racing  variables.  This makes for a great competitive race.  We have a challenging course for on-road racers and a fast oval track.  We have a World class, professional and courteous staff that will make sure your weekend of racing is everything you expect and deserve.  We have fair and honest tech and check motors and equipment throughout the week to make sure you are racing against fair competitors.   Drivers from around the world come to the Snowbird Nationals and you get to see them race.  We have several co-sponsors that attend the Snowbirds that are here for you.  Ask them your race questions and ask the 'pros' about their racecars.  This race is for everyone.  Come to Orlando in February and have a great week with us.


Come Be a Part of the Show
See all the good times here

       On-Road Champions
Touring Stock - Todd Malone
Tour. Sports. 19 - Timmy Heiser
Tour. Expert 19 - Barry Baker
Tour. Pro Mod - Josh Cyrul
GTP Stock - Mark Smyka
GTP Mod - Josh Cyrul
Oval Champions
4cell Stock - Rick Talbot
4cell 19 Turn - Greg Honeycutt
4cell Mod - Andy McClellan
6cell Stock - Troy Desmarais
6cell Mod - Daryl Silva
Touring Stock - Scott Meeks
1/12th Stock - Peter D'Agnolo
1/12th Mod - Phil Marabella

Snowbird Concourse Event
 *sponsored by 'Parma Faskolor'
We will be having a special event with awards presented by Parma for this year's Concourse event.  Oval and Onroad cars will be grouped together in 2 classes:  Best Looking and Most Authentic.  Complete judging info will be in the tech area.  The competition is open to everyone and is free to enter!  Last year's winner's pictures are here:
Most Authentic, Best Looking

Stagger Starts For Oval
For 2003 we did stagger starts for the oval racing portion.  The format we used was a 'group' start where the tone would go off and everyone would start like a normal race - but your clock would not start until you crossed the start/finish line.  Every racer is on their own clock with this format.  This is the fairest way to make qualifying.  If you start #8 in a heat race you are already
1-2 seconds behind the leader.  2 seconds separates the A-main to C-main sometimes.  We also don't see cars charging from the back row to make up lost time which seems to happen when you are forced to make up ground on the starts.

Confirmation Packets
We mailed the first 200 letters Friday 01-16 and the rest will go out Tuesday 01-20.  These include a race information letter, your colored practice stickers, state windshield sticker, radio label and number, and free raffle ticket.  If you are on the confirmed list of racers in the driver's count page and do not receive a letter it will be here at the race when you arrive for check-in.  We have some entries missing zips, addresses, etc.

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