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    '03 Event Shirt's ORDERED:  On-line Soon 
We sold out at the race and have ordered more.  Please check here for ordering info when they arrive.  The shirt for 2003 is a 2-sided color design by Dusty Kemp.  It's got all the sponsor logos and more! We'll have long-sleeve T-Shirts and sweaters for sale on-line soon.
    *girl not included


     Timeline of Snowbird Racing News
- 01/23  Race Updates / Results / PICS - go
- 01/23  Snowbird Message Board - go   
- 01/17  Snowbird Nationals
SOLD OUT - 750+
- 01/16  Confirmation letters mailed - 250 more
- 01/13  2003 On-Road layout - go
- 01/13  Confirmation letters mailed - 250
- 01/11  600th Race Entry received
- 01/09  On-Road entries sold OUT
- 01/06  500th Race Entry received

- 01/06  Meet the Crew - go
- 12/29  400th Race Entry received
- 12/12  Ordered the new carpet
- 12/09  2003 current class counts - go
- 12/02  Entry online to print - go
- 11/18  Entry is out in RCCA January issue
- 11/01  2003's Snowbird Race Classes - go
- 10/16  2003's Snowbird Race Schedule - go
- 08/07  Trinity/Car Action re-sign for 2003
- 07/10  RCCA 2002 race article online - go
- 06/24  Hotel contract signed
- 03/30  RCCA backlot page - go
- 03/03  New site launched
- 02/11  2003 plans were begun

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     What you can expect from the Snowbirds
We have a brand new racing surface each year with brand new carpet.  There are no local track champions because the Snowbirds come just once a year.  Everyone is faced with the same racing  variables.  This makes for a great competitive race.  We have a challenging course for on-road racers and a fast oval track.  We have a professional and courteous Snowbird staff that will make sure your weekend of racing is everything you expect and deserve.  We also have fair and honest tech and will check motors and equipment throughout the week to make sure you are racing against fair competitors.   Drivers from around the world come to the Snowbird Nationals and you get to see them race.  We have several co-sponsors that attend the Snowbird  Nationals that are here for you.  Ask them your race questions and ask the 'pros' about their racecars.  This race is for everyone.  Come to Orlando in February and have a great week with us.

     2002 Winners Inducted into Race Rock
The winning bodies of the A-mains were put on display at the World  famous and popular
 restaurant in Orlando, Florida.  Millions of people will see the nice Snowbird display there with a beautiful glass case highlighting our race again for 2002.  These bodies will remain there for a year and will be exchanged with 2003's winners.

  RCCA Article on the 2002 'Birds
Another great article was in the R/C magazine this year on the Snowbirds thanks to Peter Vierra and Car Action.  You can see the article here.  Make sure to get your own copy.  See other cool stuff found in RCCA from the Snowbird Nationals below:
   -Backlot article - go
   -Expanded A-main coverage - go
   -RCCA's coverage of 2001 - go

   Live Orlando Weather -  click here

Touring Stock - Scotty Ernst
Touring 19 Foam -
Jared Scott
Touring 19 Rubber -
Ron Atomic
Touring Pro Mod -
Paul Lemieux
1/12th GTP Mod -
Mike Blackstock
1/12th GTP Stock -
TJ Bradley
Legends -
Mark Johnson

4cell Stock - Mike Ulbrik
6cell Stock -
Phil Marabella
4cell 19 Mod -
Brian Burkhart
4cell Pro Mod -
Brian Burkhart
6cell Pro Mod -
Frank Polimeda
1/12th Stock -
Tom Postalwait
1/12th Mod -
Josh Cyrul
Losi Stock -
Jim Myers
     The Thunder 2003 Racing Crew

The people behind the 'Birds are what makes the race great.  There are several that dedicate a week to bring you this great race!  Wnat to see a little more on some of them?   To 'Meet the Crew' - Click here
Ken Holmes - Announcer
Dave Fox - Announcer
Sam Ledford - Gridman
John Moukie - Everything!
Paul Patterson - Tech
Mel McCoy - Tech
Paul Schaub - Tech
Bill Spicer - Tech
Mike Bean - Track Crew
Julie and Sharon - Registration
Emily Morey, Paul Johnson , Bill and
Boylan - Shirts, Raffle, Radios
Steve Boylan - Everything!
Rich Baran - Ron Messinese - Setup

  Thanks To All the Co-Sponsors
Thanks to all our sponsors as they contribute greatly in the race's success.  Without the variety of support received we would not have the great race that we have.  You will be greeted on Manufacture's row by a large variety of companies with the world's best R/C drivers here so you can meet them, ask race questions, and see new and exciting race products.  The best oval and on-road racers come together for one fantastic race weekend.  One of the great features of the 'Birds the past few years is the amount of new racers that come and experience the race.  This race is for everyone - new racers especially.  We hope to see you here for this once-a-year grand event.

   Great Things From 2001's Web
One feature from the 'Birds is an all new race site each year.  The site from 2002 had a lot of cool things to see and they are listed below:
   -RCCA's  2001 race article - go
   -Race Rock 2001 pictures - go
   -RCTV TV show - go
   -Pictures from 2001 race - go
   -Manufacture's Row - go

   New Website Coming Soon
There will be an all new website around April for 2004's race.  We will add all the event videos and more on the new site.  Thanks for checking out

   On-Road Entries Sold Out - Oval this week
Everything is SOLD OUT for the Snowbirds for 2003.  Please go to class counts page
to see if there are any openings.  The limit has been reached are we are sending back On-Road entries.  We also have started a waiting list.  if you want your name on it please e-mail here.

Many racers have been mailing entries overnight since December so if you missed out please know I am sorry and hope to see you here to spectate or next year to race!  Please don't e-mail me as I can do nothing!

Confirmation, Personal Transponders, More...
Letters will be mailed starting 01/12 to racers that are pre-registered.  You will get 3 stickers - your radio impound label for your radio, a colored practice sticker and a state/radio sticker for your windshield (like the picture).  There will be some race info and more in the letters so please make sure to read them.  We will be allowing the use of personal transponders this year.  Please email your number to us if you have one (this will help registration): e-mail here NOTE:  If we sent the wrong practice sticker or something else is wrong with your letter you receive from us, do not worry as we will have practice stickers and radio stickers at registration.  Please however make sure to bring them with you as Julie has spent a lot of time doing these - thanks  :-)  We will have transponders for racers that do not have them as they are not required.  Entries are over 700 now and getting close to full!  Thanks for all the support as always racers and if you have any questions please use the Snowboard to post them or you can always ask questions via e-mail.

   Winghouse Girls are going to Come Again!
The world
famous girls of the Orlando Winghouse
will be here again for a few days walking around the pits handing out coupons and more.  Get your cameras ready and make
sure to grab some so you can get some of their awesome wings and more that they have to offer.

   Pit Passes Sent to Manufacture Row Sponsors Racers this year that belong to one of the teams and sponsors of the Snowbirds will be wearing a 2003 Pit Pass.  Only racers with pit passes can pit trackside and on Manufacture's Row.  See all the great teams of the Snowbirds and their sponsored drivers here and make sure to bring your race questions for them!

   Shipping Boxes to the 'Birds
Many racers choose to ship their racing gear to the hotel.  The Ramada will allow this - but please follow these steps.  Make sure that 'SNOWBIRDS' is on the box by your name.  Address the box to your name.  Only the persons name that is on the box can sign for it.  Boxes can not be over 50 lbs.
Ramada Resort
     c/o (your name) - SNOWBIRDS
     7400 International Dr
     Orlando, FL  32891

   Dodge Motorsports Sponsoring the Snowbirds
Yes it is true!  A big thanks to Dodge for their interest in supporting R/C car racing.  We are extremely excited to have Dodge present the 2003 Trinity Snowbird Nationals this year.  As many are starting to see on TV, more and more Nascar racers and teams are doing R/C and the TV networks are taking notice of our great hobby.  Even new Dodge racer Ryan Newman races R/C cars.  Dodge will be contributing carrying bags, 1/24th cars, and more to the event.  Grab R/C racing by the horns!  Special thanks to Ted Flack.

   Some Race Pages with Pictures and more
- Minnreg Turkey-shoot 11/02 - go
Hobby Expo Race - Palmetto 09/02 - go
- Race Rock Champs - Orlando 7/02 -
Southern Champs - Sarasota 05/02 -
Daytona Speedway R/C Race 03/02 -
Trinity Snowbirds - Orlando 02/02 -
Superior Oval Race - Orlando 11/01 -
- Race Rock Race - Orlando 09/01 - go
- Norrca Nats - Tennessee 08/01 - go
- Oval Master's Cup - Alabama 05/01 -
Daytona Speedway R/C Race 03/01 -
- RCTV's coverage of 'Birds 02/01 - go
- Trinity Snowbird Nationals 02/01 -
- Thunder Raceway coming down -
- Some old R/C history pictures -
- Indy Snowbird warmups 11/00 -
- Minnreg Turkey-shoot 11/00 -

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