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  Snowbird's Speed Week schedule Check out the on-road and oval classes for the race Ramada Resort information - local tourist information Print your own copy of the entry form Read and leave messages on our message board See all the picturess and videos from the 2001 Snowbirds! Get some racers to meet here for race talk!

  The Snowbird Crew
Ken Holmes
  Dave Fox
  Mike Boylan
       Race Director
  Jim Fuller
       Race Director
  John Moukie
       Tech Official
  Paul Schaub
       Tech Official
  Bill Spicer
       Tech Official
  Paul Patterson
       Tech Official
Mel McCoy
       Track Crew

  Julie Boylan

The 2001 Winners are:
Click to see Josh Cyrul - winner of 1/12th Mod On-Road
Click to see Bryon Shumate - winner of 1/12th Stock On-Road
Click to see Josh Cyrul - winner of 1/12th Mod On-Road
Click to see Bruce Triplett - winner of 1/12th Stock Oval
Click to see Barry Baker - winner of 4wd 19 turn On-Road
Click to see Brian Burkhart - winner of 19 turn Oval
Click to see Michael Toth - winner of 4wd Stock Touring
Click to see Daryl Silva - winner of Pro Modified Oval
Click to see Josh Cyrul - winner of 4wd Pro Modified
Click to see Mike Valentine - winner of 6cell Stock Oval
Click to see Eric Anderson - winner of 4cell Stock Oval
Click to see Chad Desmaris - winner of Legends On-Road
Click to see Mike Bean - winner of Sprint Car Oval
Mike Boylan
Ken Holmes


               The 'official' Florida Snowbird tunes:  Blues / Rock

Updated Snowbird Race Information
Wed On-Road Club Race Results - go

Pre-Race News and More
01/14 - Current racers signed up - go
01/07 - 2-way radio Broadcast info - go
01/05 - Ramada filled - Pitting info - go
12/20 - Winghouse girls coming - go
12/08 - 6cell mod oval purse increasing
12/07 - Confirmation letters will be
             mailed starting 01/09/02
12/05 - Snowbird Class Counts - go
11/26 - New low hotel rate now $59.00
11/20 - Entry Form in RCCA - go
11/02 - Ordered the new carpet
10/18 - Live Orlando Weather -
10/10 - Snowbird Classes - go
09/26 - Snowbird Racer Setups - go
09/18 - Snowbird Race Schedule - go
09/16 - Hotel and Orlando info - go

09/11 - 'God Bless America' - Play
08/28 - RCTV Race Coverage -
08/23 - 2001 Results -
On-Road / Oval
07/22 - Car Action 2001 Article -

Hotel Rooms and Pitting Information
As of 01/02 the Ramada Resort is full.  We have almost doubled the room total we had last year.  I have received many emails from racers about racing  - and yes you can still sign up if do not stay at the Ramada.  There are several hotels literally next door and we will have pit areas setup with PA and tables and chairs so you can have a place to pit near the track.  All these areas are first-come first-serve and will be covered.  We will have a spot for you if you are not staying at the Ramada. 
   Quality Inn:  407-996-1600
      rates are under $40.00
      this is right next door
   Holiday Inn:  
 rates are $59.00 - ask for
      Snowbird rate - 1st class hotel

2-way Radios to Broadcast Race
We will have a 2-way radio that will be set on a specific channel
(1-14) and you can tune yours in to listen to the announcing so you can keep up with the race and schedule wherever you are (maybe even across the street at the resturaunts).  Click on the picture above to see the Bellsouth radio - they are $14.97 at the Wal-Marts in Fl.  Any brand will work - as long as they say 14 channels.  These say they will work up to 2 miles away.  You can get these radios anywhere and chances are you may have one already or a fiend may have one you can share with. 

Live Orlando, Florida Weather
Click for current conditions of the Snowbird Nationals in Fl.

Snowbird Nationals - Orlando, FL
Mvc-753s.jpg (38562 bytes)Everyone
is welcome to race the annual Trinity R/C Car Action Snowbird Nationals R/C racing event.  We are racing oval and 
on-road indoors on carpet in Orlando.  See and meet all the nation's hottest companies and racers at this race.  Walk down the famous Manufacture's Row trackside with over a dozen companies in attendence in 2001.  Come be a part of the show this year!  The 2002 race is set Mvc-705s.jpg (32236 bytes)for February 8th-10th, 2002 - make your race plans now for a wonderful vacation here in Florida!  This year's race is at the Ramada Resort once again.  Call the Ramada Resort at  #407.996.7400 and make sure to ask for the Snowbird rate of only $59.00.  Make this a great R/C race vacation!

Snowbird Sponsors Make the Race Great
A huge thanks to all the sponsors of the Snow-birds - they help make this race possible.  Come and   meet them face-to-face at the race!  Click here to see Manufacture's Row.

See the 2002 here.

Click to go to University's Web Site

Car Action Coverage was Outstanding!
R/C Car Action editor Peter Vierra was here during the 2001 event and wrote a great article on the race.  Please take a look at the June issue here and the article on the race.  We look forward to seeing Car Action here in 2002 for another great race!  Click to see the race article.

RCTV did a great TV Show on the Snowbirds
Barry Baker being interviewed at the SnowbirdsThe staff at RCTV was here for the 2001 race and had a great episode on their weekly television show RCTV.  We want to thank Jeff for coming and creating such a great program  for this hobby.  Click here to see some highlights from the episode. 

Snowbird T-Shirts by Frank Pupello
Our sponsors "standout".  Frank's website here.



Team Losi Super Scale Stock class
One of the classes at the 2002 Snowbirds will be an Exhibition Class sponsored by Team Losi - called 'Super Scale' Stock.  It will be a 4wd touring car class on the oval!  Rules are in the class section of the web.  The first 20 registered will receive a free Super Scale body from Losi and a set of Slixx decals!  To race this class you need to race one of their bodies - Dodge or Monte Carlo - and be a 4wd with rubber tires.  There will be a special concourse for this class with awards to the top 3!  The winner will also receive a #9 Dodge autographed by Bill Elliot himself.

Race Rock has Winners on Display
Click to see the winning cars on display!All the winning bodies of the 2001 Snowbirds are on display at Race Rock - in Orlando, Fl.  Come see the winners cars for 1 year on display in a beautiful glass case.  Next year they will be replaced with the 2002 winners.  Click here to see more pictures of the winner cars in the restaurant.  We are having a post-race party at the Race Rock Sunday after the races that everyone is invited to!  Last year we had over 250 attend.  Winners will be awarded and we have a PA system at the restaurant to announce from.

Winghouse Girls Coming
We will have the world famous Winghouse girls here during the race weekend with calenders, coupons, and more!  Bring your camera and take home a souvenir picture.  See their
website and visit them while here.