2002 Manatee County Hobby Expo   presented by Thunder Racing
Manatee Convention Center - Palmetto, Florida                September 28th, 2002


Racers from Thunder Racing set up and raced an exhibition R/C car race at the Manatee Hobby Expo.  This show was in a huge convention center with all kinds of hobbies and groups on display - including trains, planes, models, and more.  Hundreds of people came and watched us race and hopefully were introduced to the hobby for the first time.  A big thanks to the racers below for coming and spending the day at the Expo and their help promoting R/C car racing here in Florida.  We had a small oval track and raced for 6 hours with hundreds of spectators at a time trackside.  This was a great day to help introduce and promote the hobby!
Rich and Rus Baran, Kevin and Mike Endee, Steve Olson, Todd and Tyler Webber, Troy Cawthorne, Rockin' Ron, Barry Gumley.  A big thanks to Julie for the nice display showing R/C cars and racing.  We have a great hobby here thanks to all our great racers!



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