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Lots of Pit Options:
Many racers pit in their hotel rooms. We have a live TV broadcast going that keeps you up on everything. This is a cool experience many enjoy!  Rooms have plenty of space for a couple of racers. Extra tables are available for $10 rental for the week. Check with the Snowbird crew on getting one brought to your room for the week.
(based on availability)

We have a large reserved pit room in the conference center that many racers pit in. You get 3 foot of table space & a chair. Cost is $25 for the whole week. Bring power cord/6-way.
See ballroom layoutz
PITS SOLD OUT 01/18/23

The large hallways that border the racetrack area is setup for pitting. You get 3 foot of table space & a chair. Cost is $25 for the whole week. Bring power cord/6-way.
See ballroom layout
PITS SOLD OUT 01/18/23


There is a ton of room for trailers and tents outside the main track entrance. You must bring your own power. We can work on putting trailers and tents  together if you have friends coming. Generators must be far enough away from hotel to keep noise levels down.


               Road Racing Times are in yellow below
               Oval Racing Times are in white below

Monday Jan 30th
Tuesday Jan 31st

Wednesday Feb 1st

Thursday Feb 2nd

Friday Feb 3rd

Saturday Feb 4th




Sunday Feb 5th

Pit Setup
Handout Pickups

6:00am - 3:25pm
4:00pm - 1:25am
4:55am - 3:25pm
4:00pm - 2:25am

4:55am - 6:55am
7:00am - 12:30pm
12:30pm - 6:00pm

6:00pm - 8:00pm
8:00pm - 1:00am
4:55am - 6:55am
7:00am -12:30pm

1:00pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm - 8:00pm
8:00pm - 2:00am
4:55am - 6:55am
7:00am - 12:30pm
12:30pm - 2:30pm

3:00pm - 4:00pm

4:00pm - 10:00pm
10:00pm - 12:00am
5:55am - 6:55am
7:00am - 12:00pm
12:30pm - 1:30pm
1:30pm - 6:30pm


4pm -11pm
Road Practice
Oval Practice
Road Practice
Driver's Meeting
Oval Practice
Road Practice
Road HEAT #1
Road HEAT #2

Oval Practice
Oval HEAT #1
Road Practice
Road HEAT #3

Oval Practice
Oval HEAT #2
Oval HEAT #3 

Road Practice
Road HEAT #4
Road B-Mains

Oval Practice
Oval HEAT #4
Oval B-Mains

Road Practice
Road Mains
Road Awards
Oval Practice
Oval Mains
Oval Awards

*All Times Eastern Time Zone (GMT).
Schedule based on actual times from the 2011-2022 races.
Times may change or be adjusted at the race if needed.

Pit Setup Starts Mon Night and Lasts all Week:
'Manufactures Row', 'The Florida Cracker Room', and
'The Outer Deck' reserved pitting can start to set up Mon evening (times TBA around 4pm EST). Track and pit areas will be closed late Mon night with doors opening back up Tue at 5am. Reserved pitting info on the left side of this page. Sold out. Reserved pitting will be held all week so you don't have to be here Monday night.

Check-In Starts Mon Night and Lasts all Week:
Check-in will begin Mon evening at 6pm. You can also check-in any day the rest of the week. Check-in times will be posted at race (tentatively 7am-10pm). You will be able to purchase spec tires, pick up free stuff, get raffle tickets/50-50 tickets, buy shirts/hats, get flyers, etc. Come see Julie, Marie, Mom & Dad, & the girls! Check-in is by the conference center outside glass doors (near the restrooms outside the main track area).
Daily Practice Details For Road and Oval:
   Tuesday:  There will be open practices, and timed controlled class practice sessions. 
Wednesday:  There will be open practices, and timed controlled class practice sessions.
  There will be open practice before the heats start each day and before the mains. This helps groove the track for racing. We will have some open practice after oval qualifying for oval cars Thu & Fri night
. Track must close at night (hotel rules).
General Practice Notes:
You must practice with the rules of your class (i.e. 17.5 in 17.5 classes) and you must be registered in that class to practice. Open and controlled practices will have racers waiting in line. You can not cut in front of the line. Exact practice schedules will be at the hotel lobby check-in counter and track registration area.
Open Practice:  This is for when time is limited and allows racers a chance to get on the track and turn laps. These may be short 1-2 minute runs with 10 cars at a time. You can make a small change and run a few laps to see how your car handles. Many drivers can run in these time-frames. All classes of cars may be grouped together to go out during these times. We may have cars grouped together (by speed/type) for some of the open practices, rather than be on the track all at once.
   Timed Controlled Class Practices:  This is where we schedule times for each individual class to practice in. Touring 17.5 practices with Touring 17.5, etc. Controlled practice is set with the same class order as the racing order, to simulate similar track conditions and schedules. Times are based on number of entries per class. Practice lengths may vary depending on the amount of cars in line, so that everyone has a chance.

Qualifying Notes:
We race stagger/Ifmar starts for both oval & road heats. Each driver will be on their own race clock. Racers must turn marshal each round. Slow cars must yield to faster cars in qualifying. We take your best single qualifier to set the mains (and to set the resorts). There are four qualifiers and one main event. The top 9 cars are locked into the A-Main (because the bump-up driver from the B-Main takes the 10th spot in the A-Main). Note some classes may have exceptions.
 We will have a resort after each round (3 resorts total). A resort is a new heat line-up based on your presvious best qualifying result. Faster cars end up qualifying together.
Snowbird 'Fast Pass' Thursday Practice:
If you can not make practice Tue or Wed because you are arriving late, we will work on allowing you to jump ahead of the line for practice on Thu. We did this the last couple years and it worked well. You must let us know before the race if you want to be included in this. 


Presented by BOCA BEARING

A Snowbird tradition! Race your way into the A-Main on Sat! This has become the crowd favorite and one of the highlights of the weekend, for both road and oval.

The top nine drivers are locked into the A-Main after four rounds of heats. Qualifiers 10th-19th will compete in the B-Mains, which run Sat. B-Main road races run after the last road heat race, B-Main oval races run after the last oval heat race. Winners of the B-Mains advance into the A-Mains on Sun. The 10th qualifier (B-Main TQ) wins the famous 'BQ Screw' award, and gets to wear the infamous Mickey Mouse ears in their B-Main event. Note some classes may have exceptions.


Just an hour away is Daytona Speedway. And this year the running of the Rolex 24 is happening the weekend before the Snowbirds! Many head over to enjoy Daytona and some of the activities happening at the track. Lots to do around the Hot Rod Hotel!