Race Rock and the Snowbirds:

For the past five years, Race Rock of Orlando has greatly supported the Snowbird Nationals.  We have had an awesome time at the post-race party after the mains and many racers and families head to the 'Rock during their stay here at the event.  Every year the winners from each class get their winning car body inducted into the restaurant.  The winners of each class also have received a Race Rock jacket!  Millions of visitors come to Race Rock each year and the Snowbird winners and their sponsors are up front and get great exposure for the whole world to see. 
What a great way to advertise RC car racing and all the RC companies that sponsor the winning cars that are on display.  A huge thanks goes out to Bobby Moore from Race Rock sponsoring us and providing a great glass showcase each year!

Previous Race Rock Showcases:
See all the Snowbird winning cars and drivers.

2005 Post-Race Party:
Pictures are here.  A great time to hang loose after the race and have a great time with everyone!

    2005 Snowbird On-Road Champions:
          *Final On-Road Race Results

  Jilles Groskamp
  Touring Pro Modified &
  Touring Expert 19 Turn


 Jeff Cuffs
 Touring Stock &
 Touring Sportsman 19


  Chris Tosolini
  GTP Modified

 Mark Smyka
  GTP Stock

  2005 Snowbird Oval Champions:
      *Final Oval Race Results

  Steve Peake
  4-cell Stock

  Sonny Brown
  1/12th 19 Turn

  Eugene Ryder
  Touring 19 Turn

  Barry Hill
   4-cell Sportsman 19


 Barry Baker
  4-cell Expert 19

 Frank Polimeda
  6-cell Factory Modified

 Sean Cochran
  4-cell Pro Modified

 Josh Cyrul
  1/12th Pro Modified


 General Pictures of the Snowbird Showcase:                                                                                              *tires on cars are for display and are not the ones used on racers cars.

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