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Thanks to RC Car Action, RC Driver and Xtreme RC Cars for their participation and articles on the race.  A huge thanks also goes to the writers, Kenny Bergschultz, Erich Reichert, and Derek Buono.

RC Car Action - June 2004 Issue

"This event goes beyond being just a mere race."
"Given the tight schedule and long hours, the
     event was nothing short of spectacular"

                                            *by Kenny Bergshultz

Extreme RC Cars - May 2004 Issue

'It's intense and should not be missed by anybody
     that is a hard-core oval or on-road racer'
'I can't think of another race at which people start
     talking of next year's event 15 minutes
     after the race ends'

  *by Derek Buono

RC Driver - May 2004 Issue

'Snowbirds isn't about racing RC cars.  It's the
     experience;  the test of human endurance
     pushed to the limit....  it's pitting in the
     same place you sleep (if you sleep).
     Simply put, it's the big time.'
                                             *by Erich Reichert

They providing great trackside results, tpics, and news during the race!  Click here.  Thanks!

RC Car Action Coverage ++

Kenny B. was here all week and did awesome day-by-day write-ups on the race that was on RCCA's front page during the 'Birds.  You can check out all the pages and pictures - here

RCCA's website also has coverage of all the winners- here

  We are excited to have had the
  crew from the Outdoor Channel
  here filming the race for an
  episode of Inside RC.  The
  program aired several times in
  2004.  (show #3-33).

  A big thanks to the staff & crew 
  of Inside RC and
  The Outdoor

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If you have a website with a write-up on the 2004 race, please e-mail it to us and we will add here on the list.  E-mail here.


These ads feature 2004 race winners!

  Team Trinity
Congratulations to Phil Marabella for winning another Snowbird Nationals A-Main! The 1/12th Mod cars had to deal with rough track conditions for their mains and Phil was able to overcome and race to a solid win!

  Custom Works
This picture says it all. Custom Works came to the 'Birds with an all new car and had a very successful weekend!  Frank Polimeda won the tough 6cell Factory Modified oval class.  Tony Stewart got to race and had a lap on the field at one point!

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