Race Rock and Thunder Racing are Proud Partners
For the past three years Race Rock of Orlando has supported the Snowbirds in Orlando.  We have had an awesome time at the post-race party after the mains.  Every year the winners from each class get their winning car body inducted into the restaurant.  Millions of visitors come to Race Rock each year and Snowbird winners are up front and get great exposure for the whole world to see through the year.

2003 Oval Winning Bodies

6cell Pro Modified - Daryl Silva

4cell Pro Modified - Andy McClellan

1/12th Stock - Peter D'Agnolo

1/12th Modified  -  Phil Marabella

4cell 19 Turn
- Greg Honeycutt

Touring Oval Stock - Scott Meeks

4cell Stock - Rick Talbot

6cell Stock - Troy Desmarais

2003 On-Road Winning Bodies

Touring Pro Modified - Josh Cyrul

Touring Stock - Todd Malone

Touring Sportsman 19 - Timmy Heiser

GTP Modified - Josh Cyrul

GTP Stock - Mark Smyka

Touring Expert 19 - Barry Baker
Body Not Available in time for Pictures

Race Rock Winner Pictures
See pictures of the winners at the post-race party at following the races.  Winners of each class received a Race Rock jacket.

IMG_2123  IMG_2121


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